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“What are you afraid of?” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson asks writers who avoid writing about faith, according to a recent article from the Religion News Service.

For many years as a Maine reporter and magazine contributor, that’s just what I did: avoid it. Whether interviewing state leaders or writing about local boat builders, I was careful not to let my Christian footings show through the carefully landscaped lawn of my work. After all, I was a professional. My job was to tell their story, not mine.

While working as a freelancer from a little office in my home, I was also careful not to interview subjects by phone when my children were likely to make noise or interrupt me for fear that I wouldn’t look like a professional.

The wonderful thing about age and experience is that I’m now much more comfortable being myself. Who am I? A Midcoast wife and mom with five kids between the ages of 17 and 1, who not only writes professionally for regional newspapers and magazines but is the author of “Redeeming Ruth,” a forthcoming memoir about the adoption and loss of our sixth child. I am also a Christian seeking to share what it means to follow Christ in a culture that often just doesn’t get him.

Two years ago I overcame my fear of writing about my faith and started a blog, now called “Faith Notes,” to share the ups and downs of my Christian faith. I won’t lie, it’s often hard to follow a Supernatural being who isn’t on YouTube, doesn’t Facebook, and has yet to shoot me an e-mail. Where is this God that I cannot see? And how do I get in touch with him? Or even hear his voice? That’s what I write about: Recognizing God in my everyday world.

I don’t have a divinity school degree. I don’t wear a robe or a collar. But I am interested in openly exploring my faith. I also (from time to time) share about my family, review books (but only good ones), and respond to what’s in the news when it deals with issues I’m most interested in: orphans, people with disabilities, social justice, and suffering.

If those same things interest you – or even if you’re just curious – I hope you’ll follow along and respond to my posts each Monday. Think of it as a faith shot to wake you up to God’s presence each week. And please share your thoughts as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Meadow Rue Merrill

About Meadow Rue Merrill

Wife, mom, writer, friend, advocate for orphans and people with disabilities, sharing God in my everyday world through “Faith Notes.”